1998 Nissan Primera Super Touring Car

by on 07/07/15 at 6:20 pm

Chassis Number 98-P11-44 ex-Works Nissan Touring Car has been professionally maintained. 2015 engine rebuild and has run both very competitively and reliably this season without incident. All the usual Super Touring specification, including a flat shift sequential gearbox, high tech electronics and state of the art brakes.

Priced to sell today, these cars were built in an era where the build cost regularly ran to seven figures. The spares included are a set of wheels and gear ratios. A comprehensive spares package can be be acquired post sale including; bag tank, doors, all body panels, all four corner suspension components, front splitter with built in undertray, driveshafts and a further 8 wheels. There is even a 1998/99 showcar (minus engine and gearbox) available!

For contact see the original ad on silverstoneauctions.com

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