2013 HSCC Super Touring Car Trophy

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HSCC to run mini-series for Super Touring Car Trophy

■ 30-31 Mar – Thruxton Easter Revival ■ 13-14 Jul – Brands Hatch Historic Superprix ■ 26-28 Jul – Silverstone Classic ■ 25-26 Aug – Oulton Park Gold Cup

The HSCC organises a full season of racing at some of the country’s leading circuits as well as hosting races internationally.

The classes for 2013 mirrors those used at the Silverstone Classic. Classes will cover Group 2, Group A and Super Touring Cars and there will be an invitation class for historically significant cars. Genuine Cars will run exactly with relevant period FIA regulations.

Click here to see which championships race at which meeting: hscc chart calendar 2013 download

On some websites listed startes: ■ Jim Pocklington on Vauxhall Cavalier ST ■ Neil Smith on Alfa Romeo 156 ST ■ James Dodd on Honda Accord and Nissan Primera ST ■ Alvin Powell on Ford Mondeo ST ■ John Cleland on Vauxhall Vectra ST ■ Frank Wrathall on Vauxhall Cavalier ST ■ Kelvin Fletcher on Vauxhall Cavalier ST ■ Patrick Watts on Peugeot 406 ST ■ Daniel Wheeler on Nissan Primera ST ■ Derek Palmer on Nissan Primera ST ■ Rick Pearson on Nissan Primera ST ■ Kingsley Ingram on Mazda 323F ST ■ Gary Pearson on Alfa Romeo 156 ST ■ John Pearson on Alfa Romeo 156 ST ■ Keith Butcher on Nissan Primera ST ■ Tom Andrew on Alfa Romeo 155 ST ■ Derek Hale on Honda Accord ST ■ Stewart Whyte on Honda Accord ST ■ Dave Jarman on Nissan Primera ST ■ Mark Jones on Vauxhall Cavalier ST ■ Richard Hawken on Nissan Primera ST ■ Patrick Watts on Peugeot 406 ST

HSCC super touring car trophy silverstone classic race 1 2013

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