2016 HSCC Super Touring Car Trophy

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HSCC Super Touring Car Championship 2016 in Association with TCRE
to see at the HSCC Race Calendar 2016

■ April 30th / May 1st & 2nd 2016 – Donington Historic Festival HSCC Tickets
■ July 2nd & 3rd 2016 – Brands Hatch Super Prix Masters Historic Festival HSCC Tickets Sat/Sun Tickets Mon
■ July 29th–31st 2016 – Silverstone Classic HSCC Tickets
■ August 28th & 29th 2016 – Oulton Park Gold Cup HSCC
■ September 10th & 11th 2016 – Knockhill Racing Circuit HSCC Super Touring Car Festival and Scottish Championship Car Racing Tickets

The HSCC organises racing at some of the country’s leading circuits as well as hosting races internationally.

Provisional classes ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, G1, GA2 and GA3.

Click here to see more details SUPERTCC.com.

Websites listed drivers: ■ Jim Pocklington on Vauxhall Cavalier GSi ST ■ Neil Smith on Alfa Romeo 156 ST ■ James Dodd on Honda Accord and Nissan Primera ST ■ Alvin Powell on Ford Mondeo ST ■ John Cleland on Vauxhall Vectra ST ■ Patrick Watts on Peugeot 406 ST ■ Daniel Wheeler on Nissan Primera ST ■ Derek Palmer on Nissan Primera ST ■ Kingsley Ingram on Mazda 323F ST ■ Stewart Whyte on Honda Accord ST ■ Dave Jarman on Nissan Primera ST ■ Mark Jones on Renault Laguna ST ■ Jim Whelan on BMW 320i ■ Paul Smith on BMW 320i ■ Don Grice on BMW 320i ■ Mark Hazel on BMW 320i ■ Roger Lavender on BMW 318i ■ Simon Garrad on Renault Laguna ■ Andy Wolfe on Vauxhall Belmont ■ Tony Absolom on Vauxhall Cavalier ■ Keith Butcher on Nissan Primera ■ Tom Andrew on Alfa Romeo 155 ST ■ Mark Smith on BMW 320 ST ■ Werner Huber on Audi A4 quattro ST as well as Steve Dymoke ■ Nick Whale ■ Mark Wright ■ Jan Bot ■ Rob Huff ■ Harry Whale Steve Soper ■ Colin Turkington ■ Craig Davis ■ Andrew Kirkley


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