2x nissan primeras and large spares package

by on 18/07/09 at 6:45 pm

nissan primera chassis 2a and chassis 6 as rolling shells and parts to go towards completing them

CHASSIS 2a – with castrol colours

comes with original janspeed guages, clocks and drivers seat and harness, steering wheel and column, koni suspension, 5 stud magnesium wheels x7 (18”), disc and bells front and rear( with spares), six pot ap racing calipers with titanium pistons, adjustable rear arb, front blade arb, carbon fibre panels, fuel pumps and brackets, dry sump tank and pipes, tilton bias adj pedal box, xtrac gear selector housing and mech for 018’box etc etc etc

CHASSIS 6 – team dynamics colours

comes with 3 air jacks and most of the pipe work, carbon fibre door cards, centre lock oz racing magnesium wheels x4 (18”), brake bells and rotors fr and rr, tilton pedal box adj, penske suspension, boot mounted bag tank with alloy housing, carbon fibre front splitter and later rear spoiler seq gearbox selector housing etc etc etc

both cars are in vgc, chassis 6 was slightly damaged during transit and requires the rear bumper and tailgate to be repaired. (very easy repair, pictures on request)

2 dry sump 54c engine blocks (vgc used)
1 bare head
1 magnesium rocker cover
2 inconnel exhaust manifolds
1 dry sump pump
7 or 8 dry sump pans (magnesium)
1 alternator and rear bracket
1 set of jenvey 8 injector slide throttle bodies
various alloy tanks, brackets
1 large box full of driveshafts and crossshafts
xtrac 018 fwd 5 speed h pattern gearbox complete ( with spares)
1 brand new 53j engine block
3 flywheels
clutch assembly
53j road car engine complete
54c road car engine stripped but complete
xtrac seq gearbox casing
carbon fibre bonnet primera p10
complete primera p11 front end panels (bonnet, wings, bumper, headlights etc etc)
spare swanneck suspension units
spare rosejoint tie bars
spare rosejoint front wishbones
15 boxes of various other small parts for these cars

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