Alfa Romeo 156 Superturismo

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Year of construction 1998
Chassis number 009

One out of three original factory cars that were build by Fiat Auto Srl. This Alfa Romeo comes with the original Magneto Marelli data system. This system made it possible to take out the rev limiter when passing the pit box. (Even the best cheated there way to the podium)

1998 Italian Superturismo Championship EUROTEAM with Stefano Modena
1999 German STW Championship EUROTEAM with Stefano Modena
2000 Swedish STCC Championship Karlsson (privateer)
2001 Swedish STCC Championship Karlsson (privateer)
2001-2009 Alfa Romeo challenge, Supercar Challenge and STT with Michiel Smits (privateer)
Original Passaporto Tecnico available

This Alfa Romeo has been maintained regardless of costs and is in mint race ready condition for the 2009 season.

This Alfa Romeo comes with two new spare engines (302 Bhp and reliable for 1600km if not revved above 8500Rpm) that were build by Edo Riboldi from Autotecnica Italy. It is also presented with a fresh gearbox and enough spares and wheels to be able to build another 156 Superturismo!

Spa 2,35 min
Zolder 1,38 min
Zandvoort 1,47 min
Nürburgring (Grand Prix) 2,05 min
In the hands of a really good driver faster is possible

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