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Alfa Romeo Supertouring Hewland HP2000 Sequential 6 Speed gearbox

For contact see following original ad on Alfa Super Touring HP2000 6 speed sequential Hewland HP2000 gearbox just rebuilt with all new ratio’s, bearings, dog rings, new sequential full barrel assembly and case was rechromated black. Has plated diff assembly. Superb gearbox, has clutch push mechanism. List of ratios available upon request, built by […]

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ALFA 155 D2 1992 ex Alesi ALFA 155 D2 1992 – completly revised – ex Alesi

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PI Research System 3c data logging system

For contact see following original ad on System with Pro dash, 10 channel beacon transmitter, beacon reciever, 2x wheel speed sensors, analog>digital converter, 2 x brake pressure sensors. Has loom with plugs for additional sensors. Incl engine oil+fuel pressure, oil and coolant temp sensors..

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