SuperTouring Facts

by on 27/08/05 at 6:45 pm

SuperTouringCars is a motor racing category defined for national touring car racing in 1993. It was based on the “2 litre Touring Car Formula” created for the British Touring Car Championship in 1990. The cars looked like regular road cars, while expensive changes had to be made to provide space for racing tyres inside the standard wheel arches.

The SuperTouring cars were required to be a minimum of 13.8 ft (4.20 metres) in length, with four doors, effectively requiring a small family saloon car as a minimum. No more than 2000 cc engine capacity, or six cylinders were permitted, and the engine was required to be normally aspirated. In some years only two wheels could be driven and steered. For homologation, initially at least 2500 units of the model used must have been produced.

One reason for Super Touring’s demise was the cost of preparing a car for competition. For example the Ford Motorsport campaign with the WSR Reynard Mondeos in 1998 cost about 8,500,000 Great Britain Pounds.

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