Vauxhall Vectra STW 2000 / Opel Vectra ST / STW 888

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This is one of five body shells which were constructed by 888 engineering for official Vauxhall Racing Team UK for drivers Muller, Plato and Radermacker for BTCC season 2000.

This is the last 888 evolution of Super Touring Cars ever made.

The car was never damaged and now is still in mint original condition due to perfect maintenanc. Moreover car is carefully guarded.

Good competitor with his racing team can make the same lap time, and perhaps better,as the true Honda Accord, Ford Mondeo specifications 2000 year, and Renault Laguna specifications 1999,such as rules Yvan Muller and Jason Plato in BTCC races 2000 year.

Very very fast car due to newly rebuilt SPIESS Engine Number SP30024 which was one of the last step SPIESS engines that were produced for the STW and BTCC cars (only 30 was made)

Engine control unit (ECU) Bosch 2.8.2 and dash DDU2 were rebuilt by Bosch Motorsport in Germany
After engine was rebuilt by SPESS motorsport in Germany,mapping was optimised on the motor bank by Spiess Engineering and power digram shows 310HP at 8400 rev/min.

Sequential gearbox X-TRACK 306 was totally rebuilt with new oil pump, all bearings, dog rings, clutch bearings etc.

Gear cut working perfectly
Diff slip ramp is: power 60 degrees, brake 45 degrees, with 4×2 plates (16 faces) without preload
Visco is 125 NM
Fresh rebuilt 4 Ohlins shock absorbers
New all wheel bearings with new seals made by „Race Tech“
New front brake pads carbon metallic with AP racing calipers 8 pot and full material disc 380 mm for agresive braking.
Rear brakes also AP racing with 4 pot calipers.
Breaking balanser in the cocpit working perfectly
New „Alliant“ lithium ultralight battery (only 3.5 kg)
Carbon clutch AP racing with two plates
Most uniballs were changed and suspension is in the excelent condition

The car has perfect static weight balance measured with Longacre computer scales and easy to drive because it is very docile while driving, due to perfect set up. It means good bump and rebound high and low speed shock absorbers set up, front and rear coil springs, anty dive, ackerman effect for fast coner,anti roll bars and adjustable knives, suspension geometry and etc.

Aditional parts and equipement included:
-One complete SPIESS Engine Number SP 30019 (400 km) with engine loom, inlet mainfold and flywheel
-More than 50 gear ratios in excelent condition
-Two final drive with different ratios
-16 OZ rims 8.2 x 19J never damged (plus 4 OZ wheels on the car)
-One spare flywheel rebuilt by SPIESS
-Some carbon cluth plates for making good cluth stack
-4 spare original 888 steel doors and front and rear hub
-Pair of front AP racing calipers (6 pot)
-Brand new carbon 888 front splitter (1 pcs.)
-Brand new cluth bearing (1 pcs.)
-Troley with pressurized bottle for air jacks with connector
-Many shims plates for adjustment rear negativ camber
-Coil springs front and rear for other set up
-Spare visco 150 NM (1 pcs.)
-Diff slip ramp, power 75 degrees,brake 60 degrees
-Pair of front disc plates with side small holes for less agressive braking for wet race conditions
-Many spare wheel nuts
-Wheel nut key
-Brand new set of rear „Enless“ rear brake pads ( 1 set)
-Many small very usefull spare parts like uniballs etc.
-16 brand new slick tyres Dunlop 212/610 x 19
-8 brand new wet tyers Dunlop 212/610 x 19
-Also available 4 carbon doors,front and rear hub for FIA Class E1. Car weight reduced to 900 kg

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